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Buying from Studio 47.60° North

Studio 47.60° North is on a mission to give every nature lover and client a product that is worth seeing, worth owning and worth sharing.

Worth Seeing
Our collection of Fine Art and Landscape works are meant to inspire wonder and be sharable. When you create your order, we will review your selection before it is sent to our print house, and follow up to ensure the work is breathtaking as we felt it was---worth owning and sharing.

Worth Owning
Studio 47.60° North uses archival grade papers and inks that are color fast, fade resistant and durable. 

Ideas Worth Sharing
Studio 47.60° North there are some things that are always better shared; love of nature, breathtaking perspectives, good ideas and beautiful art.

Studio 47.60° North is one facet of a larger mosaic that aims to bring together love of nature, art, community and creative space to bear witness to wilderness. Here are some other ways we work to make our work worth sharing:

• For each completed order, you will receive a discount code for 10% off your next order, or to share with a friend.

• Every sale over $100 will receive a a handmade add-on from photographer Lance Oditt

Fine Art Sales

Works in the Studio 47.60° Fine Art Prints are available for purchase via direct engagement with Lance and his team. Information on pricing, printing, digital rights and deliver are only available through this process.


• Explore our Fine Art Galleries (Barkscapes, Forest Portraits, Water Portraits, Landlines)

• Write down the title of the piece

• Email our team the title of the piece and your e-mail address. (We do not share or sell our customers personal information)

• The Studio team will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk


• We will discuss the work/s you are interested

We will discuss available print sizes, features and delivery options for the piece/s

• We will finalize a sales agreement and collect payment.


We print, sign and deliver work via insured mail included a signed proof of sale . 

• If requested, we will work with you on installation, display and add-on features that will make the work worth seeing, worth owning and worth sharing over time.

• Lance is also willing to conduct virtual or in person installations on a case-by-case basis to share more about the story of the work.

• Lance also offers exclusive posthumous digital rights to a purchased prints to secure the collectors investment. Such arrangements are only available to those who purchase a print and agree to terms of use. *

* NOTE: Lance does not publish information on the number of prints and what sizes were sold to secure the buyers investment.

Landscape Sales

Lance launched Studio 47.60° North to create "Photography for the Wilderness in us all."

A way to share the land and light on his adventures to better understand and bear witness to the stories the land has to tell.

The Landscape Series is made available as an affordable, self-frameable option for all.

In order to make the works easy-to-frame and care for while being affordable and collectible we:

• Make the works available in three easy to frame sizes: 8x10, 12x18 or 16x20

• Print works on archival quality paper that balances composition, color and display quality

• Includes a signed certificate of sale from Lance

• Include a discount worth 10% off your next purchase, or to share with a friend

All works in the Landscape series are priced as follows:

• 8x10: $10
• 12 x18: $50
• 16 x20: $75
• Other Sizes available via consultation with Lance

We handle all sales of our Landscape series through our clearinghouse which handles selection, sale and deliver of the work.

Sales, Service & Support

Every print and product we sell comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and is backed by our awesome support team.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will work with you to either get you a re-print, a gift card or a refund.

If you have problems with buying, delivery or quality of your your order, please gather your order receipt email with your order number.

Next, enter the Order number into the subject of an email address it to:


If you are not satisfied with the Help team's response, please contact us directly by clicking the "Contact " link in the navigation above.

Thank you for your interest and support of my work and Studio 47.60 North!

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