Icescapes - Studio 47.60° North

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Icescape: Narada Falls Fleeing Into Blue Hour

One of a series of works exploring ice, snow and glacial formations.

Narada Falls is a two-tier waterfall with a combined drop of 188 feet. Pictured here, a parting shot of the Falls for the year before annual snows obscure the view and bury the trail featuring a stunning blue color. Why so blue? The color and highlights shown are a compound effect of Blue Hour and the Rayleigh Scattering Effect. “Blue Hour”, is a term to describe the times of day when the sun is behind the horizon scattering blue light in the atmosphere. The "Rayleigh Scattering Effect", is the name for the physical phenomenon where light scatters as it travels through water, ice, glaciers or snow creating the characteristic icy blue color we associate with winter.

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