Forests Portraits - Studio 47.60° North

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Forest Portrait: Council on the Floating Tree (The Sage and the Mantis {For Lilly}) | Mt. Rainier National Park

A mysterious gathering on the Carbon River Road in Carbon River Rainforest, Mt. Rainier National Park.

Along the remote northwest edge of Mt. Rainier National Park lies the Carbon River Rainforest. A temperate rainforest forged by a confluence of unique geologic forces. Framing the eastern edge of the rainforest, the Carbon Glacier; the thickest (700 ft.), longest(5.7miles) and lowest-reaching glacier(3500 ft.) in the United States outside of Alaska. Tracing the southern edge of the rainforest, the Carbon River---formed by run-off from the mountain and annual melts of the Carbon Glacier that trickle in Fall and rage in Summer. As the waters move over the land, they deposit rich sediments for the trees to feast on. They also cut deep gorges that act to define a micro-climate uniquely suited to “trap” water. Where rich soils spread, where the warm ocean winds kiss the tree canopy, where the warm winds meet the chilled air rising from the glacier---a rainforest.

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