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About Photographer Lance Oditt

I’m Lance Oditt, Owner of Studio 47.60 North, a fine art and documentary studio based in Seattle, Washington. In 2016, while undergoing my first treatment for a chronic form of blood cancer I live with, I re-discovered my love of photography and my sense of wonder for trees. Their societies and the story of their lives told through land, water and sky. A sense of wonder that first developed when I roamed the forest of rural Ohio as a boy.

The work gathered for listeners of Artbox touches on various facets of my work discussed in the interview and questions and themes we explored in our time together.  Photographic work that explores subjects and themes whose activity, growth, transformation or, interactions with other subjects - provide opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the subject’s role in the story of the land and my role in nature.  Although some have wondered if abstraction is a focus or an aim in creating these works, I do not harbor any such conceits. I do not believe that nature is abstract - even if it does communicate something about itself in uncertain or unfamiliar ways while we are limited to the technical frame with 2D photography.

It is my hope that my curiosity about the natural world as well as my choice of subjects and composition will provide a sense of intimacy that stirs surprise and wonder just as one might feel making a discovery on their own journey in the wilderness. It is also my hope, these works might expand the viewers' sense for their role as part of nature, and perhaps, that might inspire stewardship.

At the bottom of the page, you will find links to artist, stories and ideas that have shaped my approach, challenged me, or, I have found inspiring. In addition to those links, I have also gathered links to projects. 

Thanks Steve and Rachelle and everyone at Virgin Valley Arts for having me and supporting my work. Feel free to drop a line anytime at

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Barkscape #1

Barkscape #1, Hoh Rainforest

Rainbow Wood

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