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About Studio 47.60° North

"Wilderness is the raw material out of which (hu)man(ity) has hammered the artifact called civilization."   ---Aldo Leopold, Wilderness (From a Sand County Almanac)

Studio 47.60° North is home to Photographer and Designer Lance Oditt. Inspired by the contemporary notion of Landvættir  ("land spirits"), the writings of Aldo Leopold, the philosophical underpinnings of wabi-sabi and aesthetic nihlism, Lance works to capture the dynamic forces at work in nature.


Our Mission

Studio 47.60° North is on a Mission to create give every nature lover and client a print or product that is worth seeing, worth owning and worth sharing.

Worth Seeing
Studio 47.60° North believes there Is no point in selling bad nature photography, after all, what is a mountain without a peak (a mesa, but nevermind that). We then review your selection before it is sent to our print house, and follow up to ensure the work is breathtaking as we felt it was---worth owning and sharing.

Worth Owning
Studio 47.60° North uses archival grade papers and inks that are color fast, fade resistant and durable. For collectors, we offer exclusive access to private galleries offering works not made available to the general public. Every sale also offers a unique add on package. Finally, every print features our branding, a signature and title to ensure your investment increase in value over time.

Ideas Worth Sharing
Studio 47.60° North there are some things that are always better shared; love of nature, breathtaking perspectives, good ideas and beautiful art. Studio 47.60° North is one facet of a larger mosaic that aims to bring together love of nature, art, community and creative space to bear witness to wilderness. Here are some other ways we makes us worth sharing:

• For each completed order, you will receive a discount code for 15% off your next order

• Those purchasing works from the Fine Art Collection will receive advance notice on new collections and have a chance to secure limited run prints

• Every sale over $100 will receive a a handmade add-on from Lance

Sales, Service & Support

Every print and product we sell comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and is backed by our awesome support team, If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will work with you to either get you a re-print, refund or, a gift card for a future purchase.

To get started, locate the order number for you purchase in the email reciept we sent. Next, enter that into the subject of an email addressed to:


If you are not satisfied with the Help team's response, please contact us directly by clicking the "Say Hello!" link in the navigation above.

Thank you for your business!

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