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49 palms oasis abandoned abstract acer circinatum acer griseum agate aging alder alpenglow alpine america america's oldest trees ancient ancient forests ancient trees aqua aquamarine arbutus menziesii pursh arizona artist point ash ashton aspen aspen eye autum autumn avalanche baker baker lake bark barkscape barnacle basalt basalt columns bay berkeley meadow berry big four ice caves big four mountain biggest living organism billy frank jr. nisqually birdgerteton national forest black black cottonwood black sand blast zone blood pressure medicine bloom blooms blossom blue blue hour blue mesa blue mountain scenic byway blue schist blueberry bluffs blurl botany boundary branch branches bristlecone pine brown bryce canyon buffalo form river bull thistle burl burned bush butte california calocedrus decurrens canopy canyon carbon carbon river carbon river rainforest cariboutarghee national forest cascade mountains cascade range cascades mountains cascadian farm catherine creek catherine creek canyon cave mountain cedar cedar tree central highlands central oregon central valley channel lands channel scablands checkerspot butterfly chocolate cirsium vulgare city park cliff cliffs clouds cloudy coast coastal redwood coleman glacier columbia gorge columbia riover gorge national scenic area columbia river columbia river gorge columbia river gorge national scenic area common name cones copper corteo peak cottonwood coulee crater lake national park creek curious day trips death valley national park deatil decay delta department of energy desert detail determination devils backbone devils punchbowl diamond ring digitalis disease drape driftwood driving ducks eastern oregon ebey island national historic preserve ebey's landing ebey's landing national historic preserve emmons glacier endangered erosion eruption evergreen eyes of the forest fall farm farm land farmland fence fence ladder fences fencves ferns ferry fire hole canyon fish fishlake fishlake national forest flora flowers fog folliage forest forest portrait forests forks foxglove fractures frisco mountain frost fruit gate geese geology geothermal getaways gey gifford pinchot national forest giffordpinchot national ginko petrified forest glacial flood glacial floods glacier glacier lagoon glacier peak glacier peak wilderness gold gorge grain grand canyon of yellowstone grand prismatic basin grand teton national park granite granite falls grant teton national park grants grove gray great american eclipse great basin great basin national park gree green grey grove grove of patriarchs grove of the patriarchs growth pattern growth rings hall of mosses hanford reach hanford reach national monument hay heartwood heather meadows heather pass heathermaple pass loop heliotrope trail heppner hidden valley highland lake highway highway 101 highway 261 highway 395 hoh hoh rainforest hoh river hood river hot spring hummocks hverir ice ice cave iceberg iceland idaho igneous rock incense cedar indian paintbrush indigo insect inyo national forest iron iron oxide isafell islands issaquah japanese garden john day fossil beds national monument johnson observatory joshua tree joshua tree national park journey through time scenic byway jökulsárlón jökulsárlón glacier lagoon kalaloch beach kapowsin kettle kings canyon national park kitsap komorebi korembi krumholtz lagoon lake lake chelan lake crescent lake myvatn lance oditt land line land lines landline landlines landscape largest landslide largest snowfall lateral roots layers leaf museum leaves lenticular clouds lichen lichens lincoln park lines log log fence log jam logs low tide lupine macrophotography magenta major's place man made manganese maple loop pass maple pass marsh marymere falls mcclellan mcclellan butte meadow melt mendocino national forest mesa metamorphic rock methow valley methuselah tree midnight sun migration mildew mitchell oregeon mold montana moon morning moss mossl tree mountain mountain hemlock mountain loop highway mountains mowich mowich glacier mowich lake mt baker ski resort mt bakersnoqualmie national forest mt hood mt hood national forest mt hood vinyard mt rainier mt rainier antional park mt rainier national park mt shastatrinity national forest mt shuksan mt whitney mt. baker mt. bakersnoqualmie national forest mt. hood mt. hood national forest mt. mazama mt. olympus mt. rainier mt. rainier national park mt. shuksan mt. st. helens mt. st. helens national monument mt. st. helens national volcanic monument mud pots mudstone mukilteo mukilteo lighthouse murmur mushroom mytoge mountain narada falls narada falls trail national forest national forest service national historic preserve national monument national park national scenic area national wildlife refuge nevada nfs nisqually river nisqually vista trail north north cascade mountains north cascades national park northwest novel nps nuclear nurse wood ocean oche ochre oddity official waterfall of washington ohanapecosh ohanapecosh river ohanepecosh old growth oldest tree olympic coast olympic mountains olympic national park opal orange orchard orchards oreggon oregon out cropping oxide pacific madrone painted desert painted hills painted hills national monument palm tree palouse palouse canyon palouse falls palouse river palouse scenic byway pando panorama paperbark maple pasqueflower seedhead pastoral pasture pattern peach peak peninsula penstemon periwinkle perry creek petrified petrified forest national park petrified wood picea sitchensis picture lake pinaceae pine pink pinus albicaulis pinus albicus pinus balfouriana pinus longaeva pioneer plains plant plants plume pond pool poplar trees populus tremuloides populus trichocarpa portrait posession sound posionous possession sound prairie prarie prometheus psilocybe psilocybe pelliculosa puget sound purple pyroclastic flow quaking aspen rainbow wood rainforest rainier rare raven rayleigh scattering effect real receding red red oxide redwood redwood national and state park reflection reflections resist rialto beach richfield ring road ritzville river road trips roadside rock rocky mountains root route 1 ruby beach saddle mountain sage brish salish sea salmon run salt marsh sand sand bar sand bars sand dune sandbar scablands scallops scene scientific name scree season seattle sedimentary rock sediments sequoia sequoia national park sequoia sempervirens sequoiadendron giganteum shadows shale shedding'nps sherman tree shores sierra nevada mountains silver silver falls sitka spruce sitka valerian skaftafell skagit valley snake mountains snow solar eclipse south south coast southwest speckled eggs spider web spines spring spruce spruce burl trail spruce railroad trail state highway 243 state park steptoe butte steptoe butte state park stillaguamish river stinging stone stop storm storm king stratovolcano stream stump stunning view subalpine subalpine daisy sulphur summer sunrays sunrise sunset super bloom taft creek tall grass talus tan target canker temperate temperate rainforest thistle thousand years thurst tide pool tideflats tobacco mountains tolmie peak topography totality trail trailside travel tree tree of life tree well tree well cave trees treewell trembling giant tresspassing trunk tsuga heterophylla tsuga mertensiana tunnel turquoise twin barn loop trail twotier u.s. fish and wildlife service u.s. national natural landmark and wildlife service unesco world hertiage site us forest service utah vacation vaccinium corymbosum valley vantage washington vatnajokull national park vatnajökull national park vents verlot victor vine maple vinyard violet visa vista volanic volcanic volcano volcano'geology volcanoe washington washington park arboretum washington state washingtonia filifera water water grass water portrait waterfall waterfowl waterportrait wavy weather wenatchee national forest west western aspen alliance western face western hemlock wetland wheat wheatfield wheeler peak whidbey island white white bluffs white river whitebark pine whitebark pine ecosystem foundation wilderness wildflowers wind farm winter wood wood grain wy'east yellow yellow cedar yellow ochre yellowochre yellowstone yellowstone national park yellowtone national park yucca brevifolia zabriski point