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Sunset at Palouse Falls | Palouse Falls State Park

Sun sets on Palouse Falls in South Central Washington State

Located 80 miles southwest of Spokane on the southern edge of the Palouse farm lands, the 198ft. Palouse Falls is not the waterfall likely to spring to mind when think of Washington State and waterfalls. Palouse Falls is neither green as it is located in the shannel scablands, nor is it the tallest waterfall in Washington State, that would be Colonial Falls where water drops 2,568 feet, So, why is Palouse Falls the Official Waterfall of Washington? Because school children learning about Geologist J Harlen Bretz---discovered that ancient Washington was shaped by Glacial Mega Floods that travelled from modern day Missoula to Grays Harbor. In this way, Palouse Falls is not the superlative waterfall of the state, but the one that reveals the forces that shaped diverse landscape of Washington today,

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