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Featured Vista: Pando Forest on Mallard Bay, Fishlake Utah

Nov. 2017 Feature | Pando Forest aka The Trembling Giant

The Pando Forest was discovered in 1968 by researcher Burton V. Barnes and is the largest and oldest known complex organism. Scientists estimate it took root around the end of the last ice age making it 10,000-12,000 years old. A single tree that clones itself by sending suckers up from its roots, the tree covers 100 acres and is estimated to weight 13 Million pounds. IN this gallery, the first of series of works documenting this extraordinary specimen.

Endangered Visions: Studio 47.60° Conservation Projects

Studio 47.60° North believes in creating work worth sharing. Believes in working to operate in a sustainable way while also playing a proactive role helping protect and preserve the places and subjects we capture and celebrate. To that end, Studio 47.60° North offers "Endangered Visions". Work highlighting research and conservation projects we believe are worth sharing.

For each sale of the works featured here, Studio 47.60 North will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the organization featured in the caption. Making strides in conservation, research and lobbying efforts is time intensive and requires a proactive commitment----when possible, Studio 47.60 North will work to directly with featured organizations to help them document, record and raise awareness of their mission through volunteer activities, ready built fundraisers and the use of our catalog to promote their efforts. 

If you believe conserving wild lands for future generations is an idea worth sharing, purchase a work, make a direct donation or, reach out to these organizations to volunteer. If you are an organization involved in protecting wild lands and resources, reach out to let us know how we can help. 

Whitebark Pine Conservation Supporting Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation

Hanford Reach National Monument: Supporting Heart of the Northwest's Efforts to Insure a Safe Clean-Up of Nucelar Waste

Master Catalog: Our Complete Catalog

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